About Dr. Sapna Pandya

Wound Care Specialist located in Upper Manhattan and Washington Heights, New York, NY

Dr Pandya

Wound Care Specialist located in Upper Manhattan and Washington Heights, New York, NY

At the practice of Dr. Sapna Pandya, advanced wound care specialist Sapna Pandya, DPM, provides advanced wound care to patients s in Washington Heights and Upper Manhattan neighborhoods of New York City, New York.

Dr. Pandya began her career pursuits at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, earning her undergraduate degree in biological sciences and pre-medicine. Then, she obtained her medical degree from the New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM) in New York City.

Before entering private practice, Dr. Pandya completed a three-year residency program in podiatric medicine and surgery, split between medical facilities in New York and New Jersey. During that time, she received training in advanced wound care treatments to prevent amputation and limb loss.

Dr. Pandya takes a conservative and patient-centered approach to wound care. She treats everyone as a member of the family and makes time to understand their individual symptoms and goals. 

Dr. Pandya stays informed of new and cutting-edge treatments and technologies. She understands that no one is exactly alike and views each patient as an individual, valuing their humanity.

The practice serves a diverse patient base, as Dr. Pandya speaks English, Spanish, Hindi, and Gujarati fluently. She’s committed to clear communication and never rushes through consultations. Dr. Pandya performs most procedures onsite, but she also holds hospital privileges at Mount Sinai Hospital.

People from all over New York City visit Dr. Pandya to receive diagnosis and treatment of skin ulcers, surgical wounds, and diabetic foot ulcers. Dr. Pandya also offers treatment for burns and post amputation wound care.

Outside of work, Dr. Pandya enjoys participating in continuing education. She’s a proud member of the American Association of Medical Foot Specialists (AAMFS), American Board of Foot Surgeons (ABFS)and regularly attends conferences and seminars on advanced wound care.

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